Chemical System 42/50/70bar technology



Bettati Antincendio chemical system is the best solution for fire protection of high value asset in commercial buildings and industrial manufacturing plant mainly used when a fast extinguishing solution is requested.

System is Vds approved with both FK-5-1-12 and HFC227ea extiunguishing agents. Available pressurization level is 42, 50 and 70bar and cylinder range reaches 180L. Sepcial componensts are available for system used in AtEX classified area.

Deigned and Made in Italy

System components are fully developed and manufactured by Bettati Antincendio under certified ISO9001 manufaturing procedures.

Manufacturing plant is regularly inspected by VdS, RINA, Bureau Veritas and MTIC.

Main andavantages:

  • VdS approved system
  • 10 seconds discharge time (fast extinguishing)
  • Low environmental impact with Fk-5-1-12
  • Cylinder capacity up to 180L

With 70bar technology:

  • Smaller pipe diameters
  • More distance from containers to nozzles
  • Easy retrofit of 42bar HFC system


Case History

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