CO2 system



Systems that use the agent CO2 are designed in agreement with the following rules :

  • NFPA 12 Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing System - National Fire Protection Association,
  • Design of the systems is performed in agreement with procedures and hydraulic calculation software of HUGHES ASSOCIATES, INC.
  • Carbon Dioxide is a non-conductive, odorless and colorless gas; during the extinction process, it does not produce harmful substances and it is released into the atmosphere without damaging the environment.
  • The extinguishing mechanism of this gas is primarily related to dilution of oxygen content in the atmosphere that surrounds a hazard, until combustion is no longer supported;
  • For particular application, an effective cooling action is also helpful, especially where extinguishing gas is applied directly on burning materials.
  • Carbon Dioxide, because of his high density, tends to stratify and produces an high thermal shock due to low gas temperature at the distribution cone.

The advantages

  1. Total saturation: the system is designed to achieve and maintain the required gas concentration within a closed volume;
  2. Local application: the system is designed for large enclosed volumes and surface fires (flammable liquids, gases and solids), for which the firefighting action can be limited to the actually affected area.

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