Inert Gas



Bettati constant flow valve is the latest and innovative technological solution for inert gas extinguishing system.
The valve has been engineered for cylinder up to 180L and filling pressure of 300 or 200 bar.
Specific characteristic of the valve is to maintain the outlet pressure regulated at a pressure lower than 80 bar during the discharge of a 300 bar cylinder. Traditional inert gases valves have an outlet pressure almost equal to the cylinder pressure (high pressure) and the pressure reduction for the distribution pipeline at 60/80 bar is achieved by means of a calibrated orifice named restrictor.

Mean benefit of this solution are:

  • Suitable for cylinder up to 180L
  • Available with all inert gases (IG01, IG100, IG55 e IG541)
  • Use with low pressure components downstream valve outlet (manifold, check valve and flexible connector)
  • Less overpressure damper (gas release is “smoothed”)
  • CE Approval (VdS pending)
  • Available customized hydraulic sotware calculator AGNeS, realized with a partnership with University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

AGNeS (Advances Gas Network Simulation) software is a calculation tool for inert gas extinguishing systems using Bettati antincendio costant flow valve. Software has been developed and validated based on an extensive experimental campaigns in partnership with University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. The user frienldy graphical interface allow a fast and easy network drwaing and design paramenter implemetation (as an example type of extinguishing gas, altitude over sea level, room size, cylinder capacity and level of pressurizaziotion). The sotware automatically generates a report with all the needed information for the system design and validation.