Control and power panels, relays, data centers;
Chemical e biomedical (hoods, storages of chemicals materials, labs);
Heavy machinery (forklifts, computer numerical control machinery, washing machinery);
Manufacturing (Milling machines, Electro-discharge machining, robotic welding);
Vehicles (busses);
Isolated installations ( TV receivers and transmitters, radios);


Bettati Antincendio DOCTORfire is an effective solution for the protection of high value equipment.

DOCTORfire uses HFC227ea or FK-5-1-12 as extinguishing agents and include a thermal heat and flame sensitive tubing as detection device. The system is activated automatically by the detection device and does not require any power supply; some configuration allow a back-up manual activation.

DOCTORfire can be configured with a direct or indirect installation. Direct DOCTORfire use the sensitive tube both as detection device and suppression delivery. On the other hand Indirect DOCTORfire use the sensitive tube as detection device and system activation; the suppression delivery is achieved with a separate pipeline distribution ended with discharge nozzles. DOCTORfire agents are tipically superpressurized with nitrogen at 15 bar.

DOCTORfire is manufactured under a certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System in order to ensure production stability and components compliance to intended performance characteristics.

Main advantages

  • Plaug and play solution easy to be installed
  • No need for electrical power supply
  • Fire detection integrated in the system
  • Object protection: agent delivered close to the fire ignition zone
  • Cost effective solution

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