Door Fan Integrity Test



Mandatory testing for gas extinguishing systems according to UNI EN 15004:2008, tests can be carried out both at design stage and for maintenance during the useful life of the system.

The test, performed through the installation of a special equipment, simulates the behavior of the gas after a discharge and establish the integrity of rooms and enclosures with respect to maintaining the extinguishant concentration for the relevant period (hold time).

Door fan test can be carried out also to calculate experimentally the natural vent area of the enclosure; this allow to predict correct number and size of the overpressure dampers that shall be installed to limit the pressure after a gas discharge to a specified value.

The advantages

  • Bettati Antincendio is the Italian distributor of Retrotec Inc., manufacturer of Door Fan Test equipment.
  • Our company makes use of the latest cutting-edge technology for integrity tests.
  • Our technicians obtained Level 1 and 2 certifications for testing.

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