ExxFire: Non pressurized nitrogen generator



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EXXFIRE is a leading manufacturing company of non pressurized gas generator and Bettati antincendio is the distributor for the Italian market (www.exxfire.com).

EXXFIRE manufacture compact systems used to detect and suppress fires in small enclosure as electrical and server rack cabinet, container or similar applications. The detection system is a traditional aspirating detection system using no. 3 Apollo optical sensors . Innovation lies in the suppression system: nitrogen used for fire suppression is not compressed in gas cylinder, but is generated by a controlled chemical reaction from a solid compound.

Available models are:

  • EXXFIRE750 for the protection of a volume up to 1.2 m3;
  • EXXFIRE1500 for the protection of a volume up to 2.4 m3;
  • EXXFIRE2250 (from Q4/2017) for the protection of a volume up to 3.6 m3.

Systems have a CE certification and a performance certificate emitted by CNPP (French approval body)confirming that EXXFIRE1500 has been successfully tested for the fire protection of electrical and server cabinet up to 2.4 m3. UL listing is expected in 2018.

Main advantages are:

- Easy to install, “plug and play” (available kit for top mounting or in rack mounting)
- Reliable (early detection system with redundant optical sensor in order to avoid false alarm)
- Safe and “environmentally friendly” (nitrogen as extinguishing media)
- Easy restoration after activation
- Clean agent: no residual after activation
- Easy maintenance.

For additional information please contact us: tarozzi@bettatiantincendio.it (+39 0522/369728).