Maintenance manual



The extinguishing systems and fire-fighting devices require proper management and maintenance in order to guarantee the effectiveness and functionality over time.

The frequency of maintenance is estabilished to be six months between an intervention and the following, and the service must be performed by companies with suitable and proven requirements.

Thanks to the high standard of training of Bettati Antincendio technicians, we can ensure both ordinary and extraordinary interventions on all types of systems and components.
The advantages

Thanks to Massimo Bettati participation to working group for the revision of UNI 11280 standard, we guarantee maintenance services according to most recent regulations.

We work in accordance with the following standards:

  • UNI11280: 2012 – Maintenance of gas extinguishing systems;
  • European Regulation 304:2008 - Maintenance of gas extinguishing systems with fluorinated gases (HFC125, HFC23, HFC227EA).


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