Oxygen reduction systems (ORS)



Oxygen Reduction Systems (O.R.S.) are revolutionary fire prevention systems. This cutting-edge technology creates artificially-controlled atmospheres in which the residual amount of oxygen is insufficient to trigger a fire.

The preventive action is achieved by diluting the oxygen contained in the air (which under normobaric and normoxic conditions is present with a volumetric concentration of 20,94%) with an inert gas; an oxygen concentration of not more than 15-16% is constantly guaranteed within the protected volume. This condition (althoughit’s not dangerous for human health within specified exposure limits and equivalent to the atmosphere that webreathe at high altitudes) is sufficient not to allow a fire triggering.

O.R.S. technologyof Bettati Antincendio is developed through the partnership with Marvil Engineering, a leading company in the field of controlled atmospheres, which developed and installed the first Oxygen Reduction System for fire prevention in an automated warehouse in Italy (2005).


  • New and revolutionary technology in fire prevention
  • The only system in the world that guarantees a total fire prevention, 100% safe and reliable
  • Continuous monitoring of system operation
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Zero environmental impact
  • Preventing of damages caused by fire triggering or accidental discharges
  • Minimal dimensions of system hardware within the protected enclosure and maximization of available storage volume
  • Possibility to integrate the o.r.s. Into the hvac system of the building
  • On-site inert gas production, no need of external suppliers


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