Water mist systems high pressure and low pressure



Bettati Antincendio can provide a full range of automatic and open watermist nozzles, with working pressures from 6 to 100 bar. Nozzles are suitable to secure the following applications:

  • BUILDINGS: hotels, offices, museums, hospitals, schools, universities, libraries, archives, small inventories, car parks, data centers, heritage buildings, residential areas, auditoriums, atriums
  • INDUSTRIAL HAZARDS: machinery spaces, turbine enclosures, paper mills and converting plants, deep fat fryers, engine and vehicle test rooms, power transformers
  • MARITIME AND OFFSHORE: accommodations, public spaces, machinery spaces, generator rooms, turbines, ro-ro spaces
  • SPECIAL APPLICATIONS: tunnels, saunas, engine protection

All nozzles are supplied with test report according to CEN/TS 14972; some models are provided with FM or IMO certificates.

Bettati Antincendio watermist systems include:

  • Valves for different types of system (control valves, deluge valves, pre-action valves and thermay activated valves)
  • Strainer units

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    specifically designed for watermist system
  • Pressurization units, including pump units (positive displacement or centrifugal pumps, electrically or diesel engine driven) and cylinder units. Design and components according to EN, NFPA, IMO and FM are available

Bettati Antincendio is the italian distributor of VID Fire Kill, world leading low pressure watermist manufacturer.


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